Shizzle Nizzle(SHNZ)介绍

Shizzle Nizzle(英文:Shizzle Nizzle abbreviation:SHNZ

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The goal of Shizzle Nizzle is to build a global community loyalty rewards system between buyers and sellers that creates fun and creative profitability. Our team is focusing on creating a strong community and will be rolling out our whitepaper and roadmap along with new website soon. Our plan is to build a crypto-metaverse where people can connect socially, communicate, trade and shop.


Here’s the website:
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SHNZ token supply is 10,000,000,000.


Here's the token address:


The contract code is verified here:


Chinese name:Shizzle Nizzle English name:Shizzle Nizzle English abbreviation:SHNZ
English abbreviation: Core algorithm:ERC20 Token Release date:
Block speed: The total amount of the issue: Stock:
Proof of the way: Difficulty adjustment: Block rewards:
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