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发布时间:2018-02-19 18:40:37

We have Paid method of  Hosting ICO sell

Paid Listing: 

For paid listing we have below listing fees, which is one time payment for ICO listing, end of ICO, coin/token will be avilable on our trade platform for trading.

    EXCLUSIVE Listing within 1-2 days, Fees: 1.1 BTC
    PREMIUM Listing within 3-7 Days, Fees: 0.6 BTC
    BASIC Listing within 7-10 Days, Fees: 0.25 BTC
    STARTER Listing within 10-15 Days, Fees: 0.15 BTC

    For payment details and listing of your Token, please write email to support@octaex.com

    Process Steps:

    1. We create ICO holding user account
    2. We add Ico Coin/token on our Platform, add ICO amount for sale. So User can only Purchase coin, but they can not sell until end of ICO.
    3. End of ICO session we provide this ICO user details to coin ICO developer for accessing there fund.


    1. ICO fund will be hold for 7 days to our platform for buyer fund security

    2. Min Ico price have to be 0.000001 (100 satoshi)

    3. If we have legal complaint of scam with proof, we will cancel ICO, and refund amount to all user

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